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Hi everyone! I just thought I would start this feminist movie review blog because I am tired of how women are used and portrayed in movies. Movies either objectify women–by depicting us as unrealistic and perfected creatures- or they try and tell women how we should look and act in an effort to get us to buy things. However, these portrayals and manipulations have become so subtle that it is very hard for us to see them anymore.       Even though it may seem like women have come a long way since the beginning of film, in reality, new depictions have just created new monsters. We have just traded one feminine ideal for another– thereby continuing to allow media conglomerates and corporate entities determine how we should look by telling us what to buy to attain that “movie” ideal. sexyrita   badassjolie                            

My plan is to show how movies bring women down—how they use us and how they debase us. Of course I will give credit where credit is due to movies that do not do this—but I know they are few and far between. So keep an open mind, stay honest with yourself  and read on. 



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hope to read about what you find in new movie “Mamma Mia!”

Tom added these pithy words on Jul 17 08 at 10:12 pm