Who are you?

My name is caroline. Im a college sophomore in upstate ny. I love to dance.
Im a hipster and an artist. I hope to be loved one day.

Why are you doing this?

I want people to know me. I want to be able to express my sexuality in a relatively safe forum. I want to communicate with individuals who also feel like I do. I want to be crazy and fun and not care what people think of me. I want to challenge what people think of as a girl. I want to reconstruct the image dancing women have on the internet. I don’t want to be a faceless/personalityless dancing thing. I want to be human. I want people to see me as REAL. Because I am real.

What is a meme?

Great question! The newest cultural memes are ME-MEs (individuals embedded in our system of narcissism--the reality TV star, the myspace teen, the blogger and of course, the YouTube vlogger). The impossibility of accurate human representation does not allow the actions of a MEME to lead to fulfillment. It leads to an obsession with perfection and total control of that representation.

But you just dance on YouTube…so like who cares?

I know! Right? It’s almost like if you don’t see someone in the flesh then you don’t care about them or don’t think about that person as a real person. But that’s not fair. Just because I’m a mediated being doesn’t make me not real. This is just the easiest and best way to communicate with the most people I can. I want to be famous for being me, not for actually doing anything substantial, but just because I am this crazy lovable wonderful amazing person. Because I’m not like anyone else.

Why do you call yourself a hipster? Doesn’t that defeat the entire point of hipsterdom?

No way—that was the old hipster. The new hipster is completely self aware of their own hipsterdom. To deny it is to not admit the irony in the way you dress, act and function and your role as an "alternative" member of society. And what hipsters are really about is irony right?

Anyways there are so many hipsters now that its no longer an outsider status, but rather a signal of acknowledgment of the infiltration of capitalism into alternative culture.

Thus, with the success of corporations' ability to market objects just for me (a unique individual) I, hipster, represent the decline of any kind of alternative culture.

Do your parents know you do this?


Are you going to grow up to be a stripper?

I am grown up.

Why do you dress like a freak from the 80s?

First of all, I’d like to think that my style incorporates many elements from the seventies and from the early nineties. Second of all, I dress like I do because I am bored of the way everyone else dresses. I like to express my uniqueness and outside of the box-ness through my clothing, so that everyone can know how original I am. :)


Any other questions? Ask em! scandalishious [at] gmail [dot] com


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